Common people, Common life, in traditional local villages

We, the University of Hyogo, are offering a special experimental tour as a research activity for international tourists to interact with local common people in their own homes. In the rural area around Kinosaki, many traditional houses and lives still remain. These spots will give you the chance to experience authentic Japanese common people’s lives which you cannot experience in urban areas. Since it is usually difficult for international tourists to enter these houses and interact with these people, this is a very special opportunity.

In this tour, you will be able to enjoy a program involving interaction with local people by our arrangement.   

Would you like to make great memories of the original Japanese common people’s lives through this tour?
  1. Tour of fishing village with English guide

■ Date : 26th (Fri),  October,  2018.

■ Meeting Place:8:30 at JR Toyooka St.  or  8:50 at front desk of your hotel in Kinosaki onsen

■ Program :

9:00  Depart from hotel by bus for Tai (田結) village

9:20 ~ Visit local shrine, local temple, Mr. Isozaki’s home garden and Taste local food ‘Tokoroten’(jelly noodles) and Miso soup’ at Mr. Isobe’s home

11:30  Depart from the village

Landscape of Tai village
Townscape of the village
Mr. Osozaki and his home garden
Mr. Isobe and his home
Shrine of the village



  1. Tour of farming village with English guide

Date : 27th (Sat),  October,  2018.

■ Meeting Place:8:50 at front desk of your hotel in Kinosaki onsen  or   9:30 at JR Toyooka St.

■ Program :

9:00  Depart from hotel by bus for Shorenji (清冷寺) village via JR Toyooka St.

9:40 ~ Visit Ms. Oji’s home and garden, Participate in tea ceremony

10:45 Depart from Ms. Oji’s home for Kannonji(観音寺) village

11:15 Visit Ms. Odagaki’s garden, home, and her pottery studio, and try local food in her home

11:45  Depart from the village

Ms. Odagaki and her home
Ms. Odagaki’s home
Shorenji village and Ms. Oji’s home
Ms. Oji’s tea ceremony

  1. Reservation and conditions

Reservation deadline: 24th(Wed), October.

Please send an e-mail with the following information to by 24th October.

・Date of reservation (26th or 27th) :



・Address in Japan or Hotel name:

・Mobile phone No.:



We will close the sign ups when the number of applicants reaches 15.

This program is managed by the Graduate school of Landscape Design and Management, University of Hyogo. Hirata Lab. (

Participation cost is free but we ask that participants fill out a quick survey following the experimental tour.

You can download the flyers of 26th tour and 27th tour from the following links.

Download of the tour flyer
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