Creating the new field of “Landscape Horticulture”

 At ALPHA ,education and research are focused on a new field of science called “Landscape Horticulture”. This field aims to restore the inter-field relationship that encompasses human life, engineering, construction, landscape architecture, horticulture and other industrial fields. In the past these were all far more integrated and united in the formation of human habitats. As a new field Landscape Horticulture also aims to show city planning, not as an economic means of urban development, but as a cultural act for re-observing the interaction between Nature and people.

Objectives of ALPHA

 ALPHA is guided by the philosophy that mankind is obligated to live with Nature in a respectful and caring manner. ALPHA is a school aiming to promote landscape horticulture in order to preserve both regional heritage and create a new cultural movement, This will contribute to the natural environment and successfully ensure that more flowers and greenery grow so that people can continue to live with the natural environment in an ongoing dialogue.

 At ALPHA , we will generate new knowledge from the inherited wisdom and heritage of the past, and promote such knowledge to foster leaders and excellence to contribute to local and international societies. All staff and graduates will share a common objective to unite the various related fields towards a common goal to review and rebuild our lifestyle, landscape and society to coexist with Nature for the enrichment of humanity and culture.

 It is from this perspective that we put an emphasis on the practical and pragmatic educational forms and research, and also in our stringent selection staff and students.